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Week Nine: Toxic Boss Babe Culture

Updated: Mar 4

This will be a controversial topic this week. But let's talk about toxic boss babe culture. Boss babe culture is toxic for two reasons. Number one, it makes women feel empowered but only if they're working themselves to the core. And number two, often times women that don't participate in the culture are looked down on. I actually just watched a TikTok that stated if you're putting out soft energy or mothering energy, you're not taking care of yourself. Her actual words were, good girls don't get anywhere and mother energy is anti-power energy. When the reality is you can be a good girl, putting out mother energy and still be powerful. She claimed herself to be "iconic". What that's saying is if your energy doesn't match hers, you're not iconic, you're not going to be successful, and you're not powerful. That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is you can be all of these things!

These mindsets lead us to believe that if you're not living the boss babe life, you're not being productive enough. You're not manifesting enough. You're not doing enough. But the honest truth is, you don't have to be constantly working to reach your goals. You can reach your goals by working hard without the constant hustle. Boss babe culture is just hustle culture designed to hit women in the feels. Honestly, have you ever heard someone use the term man boss? Men boss culture? Of course not. Boss babe culture is aimed at making women feel inadequate and feeling like we have to overwork ourselves to be successful. If you love the boss babe culture, it's time to ask yourself some hard questions. Is the boss babe culture what you really want? Or is it the idea that you want everyone to think you're successful so you feel better about yourself? Are you really participating in the boss babe hustle culture because you financially need to rely on that energy? Is your natural energy a mothering energy? Do you want to live a slower lifestyle but can't financially do that or do you feel inadequate for doing so?

There are women in the world that have a soft yet powerful mothering energy. These women are still successful. We don't have to work ourselves down to our core to try and show that we're successful because that can take a toll on our general well being. If you have to participate in the hustle culture so you can live financially, you can do that too without the general burnout often seen in the hustle culture way of life. The key is to have a balance. We have been raised in to thinking that if we aren't in a high paying job, we're not successful. But our careers are not who we are. Our money does not define us. Our busyness does not depict how successful we are. When you pass from this world, do you want people to remember how much money you had? How busy you were? Or do you want people to remember how caring and loving you were? How you were a good listener? How you were a good person? You also have to get out of the idea that people love boss babes. Not everyone wants to work with that. They want authenticity. They want truthfulness. They want humanity. Think about your favorite company to work for, your favorite boss, your favorite company to buy things from. Why are they your favorites? Usually it's because of their human interactions. The company may allow you time to take care of your sick children. They allow you time off when the work is done for the day instead of making you stick it out until the end of your shift just because. The best bosses are people that know you. They know your children and family. They make you feel like a human instead of another cog in the machine. The businesses may have great customer service. They learn your name. They do little things like, giving a small token of appreciation, writing a nice note to include in your order. They get back to you in a timely manner.

So, how do we change this mindset and stop thinking boss babe culture is okay? First, you have to see it for what it is. Boss babe culture isn't cute. It's toxic cut throat competition designed to look like it empowers women. Great leaders don't really consider themselves boss babes. Those people are usually trying to compete with others, such as MLMs or small business owners. Second, you need to have boundaries. Boundaries that you've set such as not going work past a certain time or giving yourself certain days to have self care. Third, you need to be honest with yourself. Why does the girl boss culture look good to you? Lastly, step back away from the hustle and comparisons. Are you happy? If not, Let's do something to change that. And I don't mean work harder, be more cut throat, or lose your personality to work. I mean, look at what you really want in life and make a strategy to really get there. It's okay to want to live a more simple or slower life. It's also okay to want to work hard and be successful but it's time to be honest with ourselves and see boss babe culture for what it really is.

Until next week my friends! Blessed Be!


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