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Week Thirteen: Hydration

Okay, okay, this is going to be an easy one. Why is it so important to stay hydrated? Our bodies are made mostly of water! Staying hydrated keeps our bodies working the way they're supposed to. It helps fight off infections, regulates body temperatures, keeps our joints lubricated, and keeps our organs functioning properly. If we are not properly hydrated, our bodies can begin to shut down. In fact, studies show that approximately 75% of Americans are considered chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can cause a multitude of issues within our bodies including headaches, bloating and gas, slowing down of our metabolism, making us feel more sluggish/lack of energy, and increasing our risk of kidney stones, just to name a few.

You might have heard that we should drink 10 glasses a water a day for every one. However recently, experts are being more precise with their measurements and are stating that women need approximately 11 cups of water and men need 16 cups. Although coffee, tea, and fruit waters count towards this consumption, anything with sugar added- does not. This includes sodas, vitamin waters that are sweetened, and even sweetened tea.

Your challenge this week is very easy. I want you to keep a log of how much water you're consuming for a few days. Are you getting enough? Is there any tricks that you can do to add more? Personally, I find that if I have a large cup with a straw, I drink way more water, so I use a large water bottle and add in a metal straw with a flexible tip. I'm able to take this with me everywhere, it saves me money from buying bottled water, and I help the environment! I also love to add in fruits and such to drinks! How about squeezing in half a lime and adding in a few strawberries or you can do the classic cucumber and mint. Some even do the infused gem waters! Whatever you chose, try and find ways to spice up your water this week and share some recipes with us! Until next week my friends! Blessed Be!


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