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Week Two: Cleansing

Updated: Jan 20

First, what is cleansing? Cleansing is the act of clearing your person or your space of any bad vibes, feelings, or negative energy. The act of cleansing a space, an object, or a person dates back thousands of years and is used in nearly every religion. The Incan Empire used Palo Santo. Incense has been used throughout Japan and other regions as far back as the sixth century. Indigenous cultures burned white sage in ceremonies and rituals. The Celts practiced "saining" by burning juniper. Traditional Ayurveda burned incense made from resins and herbs. The Christian Church began using incense as a way to cleanse in the fourth century. As you can see, this way of cleansing your energy has been used throughout time by all of our ancestors.

Although smoke cleansing is the most popular form of cleansing, there are a few different ways a person can cleanse their body or their home of negative feelings, vibes, energy, etc. A person can cleanse through sound, smoke, sprays, and through crystals. Some individuals use crystals, such as black tourmaline and selenite at their door to cleanse negativity from those entering. Some people make sprays that encompass the power of herbs, like our friends at The Spectral Cottage. (Make sure to look them up on all social media platforms. We are also the only store to carry their products!) Some individuals use salt in and around their home to protect and cleanse as well. Even sounds, chanting, and music can be used to cleanse. (Let me know if you'd like more info on sound or crystal cleansing!) However, since smoke is the most popular, let's talk a little bit more about that.

A person may often hear smoke cleansing being called smudging. However, smudging is a term used in Indigenous culture and involves a ritual or ceremony. Smudging is a closed practice and I am not indigenous so because of this, I will respect their culture and beliefs and refer to it as smoke cleansing. Many different things can be burned for smoke cleansing, like incense, herbs such as rosemary, eucalyptus, or sage, flowers like lavender or rose, resins like frankincense and myrrh, or even woods like pine, juniper, or palo santo. Smoke cleansing is a very personal practice and therefore individuals should use what items resonate with them.

Once you have decided what you'd like to use for the cleansing, the next step is setting your intentions. (See a theme?;) What are you wanting to accomplish? This is often repeated during a smoke cleanse. An example would be "I release all negativity. Only positive energy is allowed to remain in my space." Now, light the herbs, wood, incense, etc. Allow this to burn slowly, then blow lightly to put it out, but allow the embers to still burn. BE VERY CAREFUL and use a heat safe item to catch any ash that may fall. I often use a shell, an incense holder, or a ceramic skillet (Really! Anything works!) Next, walk around your space (and don't forget the corners) to cleanse the air and space of any bad energy. You can even take this a step further with the direction you walk. During this moon cycle, I like to walk counterclockwise to release things in my home. (Or as the moon is waning or getting smaller) If you're wanting to bring something in like abundance or joy during the waxing moon, I like to walk clockwise. Now as your cleansing, repeat your mantra if you'd like or just hold the intentions in your mind as you cleanse. Lastly, open a window (I often do this at the beginning) to let any bad energy out. And you're done! Just smoosh (I love that word!) your bundle on the side of your heat safe bowl/shell/etc to extinguish the embers and ensure it's out completely before storage. You can also just smoke cleanse your body and picture the negativity leaving your body with the smoke. I personally love to smoke cleanse when I'm journaling, when I'm cleaning my home, or when I feel like the air is just a little bit stale in our home. Remember, you do NOT have to use sage! There are so many other herbs, incenses, and woods that you can use that have the same, if not better impact! Lastly I believe there is no wrong way to smoke cleanse- as long as your intentions are true and you're being fire safe!

Now, time for your activity! Think about what you could use for a smoke cleanse that you have in your home- and just give it a try! Today is a waning crescent moon (7 January) which is also a perfect time for releasing, rest, and rejuvenation. Write in your journal entry for the day (if you're journaling), how smoke cleansing made you feel? Did you feel a change in energy? Was it awkward at first? Could you feel the air around you change? Were you able to truly relax and set your intentions?

I hope you learned a little bit about cleansing for you and your space! Blessed be my friends!


A little note: For those needing cleansing supplies- we have everything you should need! (And we ship!) We also only source from fair trade, eco friendly small business that care about our environment and all the things that matter. Our smoke bundles and incenses come from indigenous & women owned small businesses. I truly believe that is VERY important when being on your spiritual journey as intentions are set into objects from the start so using items that are mass produced from companies that thrive in fast production are not in your best interest. Not sure where to start? DM me, email me, text, call or write in the comments! If you know me, you know I am ALWAYS here to help!

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