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Week Three: All Natural Cleaning

Updated: Jan 20

Since we're on the topic of cleansing our home, it's important to talk about toxic things we bring into it. Chemicals in cleaning products as well as plug ins and candles have been linked to different cancers and even issues in pregnant women (or those trying to conceive). It's best to try and take out chemicals when we can. Through our cleaning supplies and how we scent our home is a cheap, easy, and great way to do that!

First, cleaning products can be easily made at home using household items! Using a combination of baking soda and vinegar down drains to deodorize. Use sliced lemon in a coffee cup and heat in the microwave to help clean the microwave. Use a glass bottle, fill half with vinegar, add in 5 drops of peppermint oil, and fill the rest with water for a great window cleaner! (Reuse newspaper too and it helps cut streaks!) You can fill a mason jar with lemon peels, orange peels, or pine needles (or any combination of) and fill the rest with either vinegar or ethyl alcohol (also known as unflavored vodka or clear grain alcohol like ever clear). For this recipe, wash 4-6 citrus fruits and peel them. Fill your mason jar with the peels (or needles) and then fill with alcohol or vinegar. Let infuse for 1-6 weeks. The color of the alcohol will turn with the infusion. Strain the peels or needles out by pouring the liquid into a clean jar. If using alcohol, do not dilute the cleaner. If using vinegar I would suggest 1:1 ratio of dilution. If you don't have or want to use citrus, you can also substitute 5-10 drops of essentials oils for scent. (Pro tip: Be careful what you're using products on. I have been told that vinegar should not be used on marble, then I was told to only use vinegar on marble... Use your own judgement.) Also, when using essential oils in cleaning supplies, use glass reusable bottles as essential oils can make plastics leak toxins as well as break down plastics from the inside. Also be very aware that when using vinegar, it also often breaks down the plastics. If put into plastic bottles, the plastic will often become soft and the sprayer of your bottles may stop working.

If you're choosing store bought all natural cleaner, please read the ingredients. There are many toxic ingredients that just aren't necessary. If you're local, feel free to come in and chat about our bill refillery and the ingredients our cleaners have. In store we have bar soaps for floors, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. We also have a complete refillery with everything from laundry and dish soap to glass and bathroom cleaner. Lastly we have additional cleaning items like all natural scouring powder, stain remover and bamboo and coconut compostable scrub brushes, Swedish towels, and sponges.

Next, all natural scents in the home. While candles are a very popular way to scent your home, one of my favorite things is making simmer pots! Simmer pots are just filling a pan on the stove with water, adding all natural ingredients in and letting it simmer to fill your home with the aromas! Another secret id mine is to use a crockpot! They often even have the smaller crockpots at thrift stores! These simmer pot recipes can change for the holiday or the season. In the winter, I love throwing some cinnamon, star anise, all spice, bay leaves, apples, lemons, and orange peels (perfect for those ones that are just starting to be not so great to eat) in a pot. For spring and summer, you can change it up and use lemon and rosemary or lime, mint, and coconut. You can even add different scents like coffee beans, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and all spice. This gives a spicy coffee scent. Simmer pots are also a great way to use any moon water you've made to bring intention in. You can also burn loose herbs, florals, and incense to cleanse the air. Lastly, you can use essential oil diffusers to create scents in your home. A few of my favorites are lemon, lavender, and mint for the allergy season, citrus mints for invoking happiness, and spiced scents for the winter months. Once again, if you want any other recipes, let me know! I have taken courses over aromatherapy and love to pass on knowledge.

Now, for your daily activity if you're participating in that way. Think of one thing you can easily switch out and find a recipe/clean product for that cleaner, then switch it! Additionally, tonight if you have time, create a simmer pot on the stove. Just a small one works! Use your journal to write down some recipes that you find. Would you even be interested in swapping cleaning supplies for natural ones? These cleaning solutions work great for our family and I have NEVER regretted going green. I hope I lit a little spark in you to get you started on an all natural journey! Lots of love this week my friends. Until next week. Blessed Be!


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