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Week One: Let's Get Started- Setting Your Intentions for 2024! Happy New Year everyone! I am so excited you decided to join us in this journey as we use 2024 to grow together as a community!

Updated: Jan 20

There are a few things to think about as we begin this intentional living movement. (You can also think of this as a wellness challenge of sorts.) Please remember that this movement is about learning and growing in your journey while you work towards goals that you have set for yourself. Not everything in this movement will resonate with you and that is okay! However, please keep an open mind and try to participate. You may learn something new or you might get a spark to become more involved in an activity that you weren’t initially interested in. Lastly, please keep in mind that you will only get out of this movement what you put into it, but don't beat yourself up for lack of follow through. This challenge is not supposed to put more demands or stress in your life! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you! Please reach out if you have any questions. Now, let’s get started!!

DEC 31


Day 1: Setting Intentions for our Intentional Living Movement/Wellness Plan

The first step to any wellness plan is to set your intentions. This exercise will only take a few minutes, but it is important in establishing what you want to get out of this challenge. While setting intentions are a very personal activity, I do highly recommend taking a few minutes in peace and quiet to find your balance. I like to take a few different steps when I'm trying to find my center. Here are some things I do:

1. I pour myself a cup of coffee or tea.

2. I light a candle and incense to establish a mood.

3. I sit quietly in the silence and close my eyes.

4. I take three deep, cleansing breaths. As I do this I picture any bad vibes or bad energy leaving my body as I slowly exhale. As I inhale, I picture a white, warm light filling my body.

Add or take away any steps for your own practice. It is important to find what works best for you to begin with a fresh and clear mind. Now, think about what you want out of this year/challenge. The next step is to create your intentions. Something very important in manifesting and setting intentions is to take out the words "want" and "need". Replace them with the word "will". You can also replace the intention with a statement that shows you have already accomplished this task. (Which is an important step in manifesting vs intention setting). For example instead of saying "I want to learn how to be healthier", you would say, "I will learn how to live healthier" or "I am living a healthier life".

Todays "homework", if you will, is to write down at least 5 intentions that you will work towards in 2024.

These can be as simple as:

1. I will accomplish a deep home cleansing for the New Year.

2. I will learn to nourish my body with the best foods possible.

3. I will educate myself on healthy healing practices.

4. I will learn more ways to work through my anxiety.

Feel free to journal anything else that you are feeling. Then decorate your page if you'd like! Make it yours. Put life and intention into this space. It is not merely words but your deepest desires and needs for the new year. This simple, reflective activity is made to set you up for the rest of the year. But don't forget, you can always change and add to your intentions throughout 2024! Let your intentions grow and change as you grow and change this year! Wishing you the best throughout this challenge and I look forward to growing with all of you!


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