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Week Eight: Routines

Routines aren't something that one thinks about necessarily when they think about health and wellness. But the truth is, that our routines or our daily habits are more impactful than we realize. Once we have a routine created, it allows us to be a little bit in autopilot and allows that autopilot mode to not be a self destructing one. Routines give us a foundation. They create structure and allows us a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Think about how the pandemic truly affected you and why? It was probably really hard to get used to the change of your environment because you had an established routine. However, it is okay to change routines. It's how we learn and grow as humans.

Routines allow us to establish a good daily habit as well as requiring us to spend less cognitive energy on regular tasks and processes we have in our lives. For instance, always putting your keys in the same place allows you to not even have to think about where you may have left your keys. However it's also important to remember that not everyone's routines look the same. Not everyone has the same mindset so strict daily routines do not work on everyone. For those that have a strong need or ability to have a strict routine- that's great. However, do not judge or look down on those that have a more lenient lifestyle. Not every single person can or wants to follow a strict routine. Some feel tied down, restricted, or even feel a loss of freedom. Some just hate the thought of a routine for no reason known to them. These feelings are okay and normal as well. It's important to do a little self reflection and be HONEST with yourself when deciding how to create a routine. And while routines do allow us a bit of a stress relief for some things, it's also important to recognize that routine also can stifle progress. Do not be so strict that you can't function if something in your routine is changed!

So this challenge today, will be a very short read but more focused on your personal journaling and challenge. Today, think about your morning and nightly routine. Do you have one established? Does it seem to be working? Are you one that is always frazzled in the morning or that seems to never have things done until right before bed because you've put it off all day? Your challenge is to write down what you want your routines to be. Maybe you'd like to start getting up 10 minutes earlier so you can enjoy your cup of coffee in the peace and quiet alone or maybe you want to get up and stretch each day or evcen 10 minutes of yoga. Maybe you want to start reading before bedtime or incorporating meditation into your bedtime routine. See if you can create a better routine for yourself. Change one or two things and stick with it for at least one week. After the one week, reevaluate the change. Did it make a difference? Did you stick with it?

For a little of guidance, I will tell you that for a routine that works for me and that I really enjoy- my husband brings me coffee in bed every single day. (I know, I'm a really lucky girl!) So I sit in bed for at least 15 minutes every morning, just waking up, scrolling through social media, and sipping my coffee. Then I get out of bed and immediately make my bed. As one who never made her bed before, I will tell you that this simple task really makes me feel more accomplished than I ever thought it would and it sets me up for my whole day. However, I also recognize that I can't deal with a strict routine. I get bored and feel like I'm losing my freedom to be wild and carefree. So while I do have some routines, I also allow myself a large portion of my day to fly by the seat of my pants! While that may annoy and bother some people in my life, I prefer the routine of no strict routine!

Now, it's time for you! I will continuously remind you that this challenge is NOT to bring more stress into your life so do not try and overdo it and create more change than you can handle right now. I hope this challenge also got you thinking a little bit. Until next Sunday, my friends, Blessed Be!


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