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Educational Courses & Plans

One of our passions at Oaklawn Enchantments is educating others on CAM therapies as well as creating plans. As well as why these courses and plans are important to consider when working on healing your mind, body, and spirit holistically. Below you will find educational courses as well as working plans we have created!

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Course (4.5 hrs)
{Concentration on Reiki, Massage Therapy, and Meditation} 

Energy Healing

This is a 4.5 hour course over Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) with a focus on Reiki, Massage Therapy, and Meditation, and an additional concentration in aromatherapy and crystal therapy within each CAM practice. The course gives a background of each CAM practice, what issues they can treat, a few helpful resources, as well as any safety information, ethical practices, and legal standards within the field. Ethical practices and legal standards are important as there is not a lot of standardized practices, training, and certifications for certain CAM practices. 

Included in the files are a thorough course syllabus with a reference page for all information in the presentation, a PowerPoint presentation with lecture notes, and handouts to give students that address important information, additional resources and helpful photos as well as room for the students to take additional notes.

Herbal Medicine & Safety Issues

Herbal Medicine is another great component of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. However, to utilize it correctly and safely, individuals need to understand where it originates from, the background in cultures, as well as some safety issues to pay attention to. Enjoy this PowerPoint presentation over Herbal Medicine & Safety.

Medicinal Herb
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Stress that military members and their families experience is very unique. A few CAM therapies that can be utilized for this specific audience  is meditation, journal writing, and conflict resolution programs. These CAM therapies can work on individuals by teaching them healthy ways to cope with stress and conflict unique to their situations. The plan attached is an outline of how we would change, create, and implement a new Stress Management Program for military installations. 

The resources used give information on military suicide rates as well a mindfulness workbook, managing stress, and how meditation  can improve our mental health. 

It is important to know a person's spiritual state of wellness, not only to build a client/practitioner relationship, but to understand where they are on their spiritual journey. This document contains a  few questions I personally have created to use when getting to know my clients and why I believe each question to be important. It is important to remember that health is not just limited to nutrition and physical fitness, but spiritual health as well. One pillar of health is not more important than another because if one pillar tumbles, they all start to give. Lastly, part two of this document is the questions in action when they  were pilot-tested on my spouse. 

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