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A whimsical children's book that weaves modern witchcraft practices into a story about change and transition.

Sunday loves adventures, animals, and the beach where her family has lived since before she was born. She’s also a sea witch, channeling the power of the ocean into elemental spells. But when Sunday’s parents announce a big move and suddenly the one thing that’s always made her feel magical is far away, she’s not feeling much like a witch. To reconnect with her power, she’ll have to remember where her magic really comes from—inside.

Loosely inspired by author Andrea Stein's own cross-country move, Sunday the Sea Witch's catchy rhymes and mystical illustrations speak to both children and adults.

This listing is for copies of the first printed edition of Sunday The Sea Witch. You will receive an 8.5" x 11" hardcover copy with a fabric spine and foil-stamped cover.

Sunday the Sea Witch

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