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There is something just simple and beautiful about a quartz tower. Whether it is an almost crystal clear tower or one with multiple inclusions and rainbows, they are all so loved. Quartz is known as the strongest enhancing stone. It is high vibrational so it has been used in a large amount of our everyday items including medical technology, cell phones, and clocks. Because it pulls the negative energy out of the air, it is said that it needs to be cleansed often. This crystal specifically can be cleansed with selenite, the moonlight, water, or incense/herbs. 

There are multiple towers to chose from. 

The smallest, Tower A is 1.5 inches tall.

Tower B is 2.25 inches

Tower C is 2.5 inches 

Tower D is over 3.5 inches tall

(Multiple Sizes) Clear Quartz Towers

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