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What better way to to use the power of manifestation than using an intentional candle? Each candle will be in a 4oz reusable mandala tin and made with 100% all natural soy wax and essential oils. Each candle will be topped with crystal chips as well as herbs that corresponds to your intention. The tin will be intuitvely by us to match your intention. The herbs have been selected by Veretta's Apothecary who is a clinical herbalist and a fellow female veteran! 


Abundance in life - Eucalyptus mint scented with tigers eye, chamomile, and cinnamon for abundance and luck. 


Clearing negativity - Bergamot & Lemon scented with kyanite and amethyst to bring tranquility, a blend of herbs to clear the negativity and black obsidian tumble to protect.  


Self love - Melissa (lemon balm) and lavender scented with raspberry leaf for love and protection and rose quartz and green aventurine to open the heart chakra and a quartz tumble. 


New beginnings - Palo santo and sage scented topped with sage to clear the space and expel negative thoughts and moonstone and clear quartz to gain strength and allow for personal growth.


Grounding - Frankincense, lemon, and orange scented with black obsidian and red jasper with lemon balm (Melissa) and lavender to bring you back to center and ground you.


Motivation - Bergamot and peppermint scented with red jasper and dragon's blood and horehound for motivation. 


Protection - Rosemary and sage topped with mullein and stinging nettle to protect against evil as well as amethyst and fluorite.


Healing - lavender, frankincense, and tea tree with rose quartz and clear quartz tumbles and aura quartz chips to aide you in healing from any hurts.

Mandala Intention Candles

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