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Hematoid quartz is known as the golden healer! It is a wonderful crystal to keep in your pocket (or bra! IYKYK!) It is said to calm the energy around a person and transform the energy to a more tranquil and calming space. It is the perfect stone to help calm the mind and enhance concentration and focus, so it is believed to be a great addition for those with concentration issues, motivation issues, and ADD/ADHD diagnoses. It is the combination of both quartz and hematite which work together to help balance the mind, body, and soul. It is also said to improve a person's ability to manifest. It is associated with the root chakra as it roots our thoughts into the physical world.

Every stone is different and while the photo shows one stone with more quartz, (and therefore able to see through it) not all stones have as much quartz.

Golden Healer - Hematoid Quartz Pebbles

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