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This amazing unpaper towels are perfect for the family that is trying to be both ecofriendly and budget conscious. They are made with flannel and are 2 ply (2 pieces of flannel per sheet). They each have a different material on each side (except for a few sheets in the Be Retro collection. Each sheet is handcut and sewn in house and may not be exact on measurements. Chose from different collections. (Matching beeswax wraps will be added to match collections in the future)

Be Retro has a vintage flower pattern and yellow plaid

Be Sweet has a honey/bee theme with a gray plaid

Be Mystic has glow in the dark moons with rotating either pink crystal fabric or white fabric

Be You are pride themes with symbols and flags

Deluxe Unpaper Tower - 2 ply flannel - 5 sheets

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