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Crystal bracelets aren't just cute to wear. Each crystal has special meaning!

Rose Quartz - Compassion and Love

Green Aventurine - Abundance and Attraction

Clear Quartz - Healing and Growth

Amethyst - Serenity and Calmness

Black Onyx - Grounding and Protection

Labradorite - Transformation and Calming

Rhodonite - Emotional Balance

Tigers Eye - Good Luck

Watermelon Tourmaline - Intuition

Red Mahogany - Personal Growth

Fancy Jasper - Tranquility and Grounding

Lepidolite - Serenity & Calmness

Angelite - Tranquility, Serenity, Peace

Lapis Lazuli - Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Protection

Sodalite - Rational Thought, Intuition

Blue Apatite - Motivation, Clears Confusion

Ruby Zoisite - Harmony, Strength

Prehnite - Calms Environment, Enhances Inner Knowledge

Rainbow Fluorite - Grounding yet spiritually elevating

Crazy Lace Agate - Joy, Ward off Evil Eye

Unakite - Balance & Grounding

African Turquoise - Accept change & Bring in transformation

Amazonite - Clear Communication, Optimism

Mookaite - Grounds heart, mind & soul

Fire Quartz - New Beginnings, Joy, Hope

Carnelian - Warmth, Joy, Bold Energy

Garnet - Love, Passion, Success

Red Jasper - Passion, Protection, Grounding

Peach Moonstone - New Beginnings, Peace of Mind

Flower Agate - Comfort, Balance, Self Growth

Pink Opal - Stone of Spiritual Awakening

Morganite & Beryl - Self Love, Care, & Respect

Opalite - Peace, Calming & Soothing

Rainbow Moonstone - Intuition, Patience, Abundance

Selenite - Cleansing, Serenity, Peace

Larvikite - Patience, Healing, Grounding

Smoky Quartz - Promotes Positive Thinking

Black Tourmaline - Grounding, Protection

Crystal Bracelets

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