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Ask The Witch Tarot

Tarot Wisdom from a Timeless Coven

78 Cards & Guidebook

by Francesca Matteoni & Simone Pace

In the fascinating world of tarot, this complete package has something special to offer both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The Major Arcana is transformed as each card introduces readers to famous witches throughout history, literature, and mythology. They encompass sage crones, ancient fairies, and historical women who spoke out and stood their ground. In the Minor Arcana, witches, their tools, and magical animals are divided into categories that correspond to the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth.

Samples include:

I The Magician – Circe

V The Hierophant – Saraswati

VIII Strength – Joan of Arc

XXIII Death – Baba Yaga

XVIII The Moon – Hekate

XIX The Sun – Bastet

Ask the Witch Tarot

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