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A Tea Witch’s Grimoire offers recipes for magical botanical brews of all sorts: teas, elixirs, potions, and concoctions, accompanied by spells and rituals to put these brews into action. Whether you’re looking for prosperity, protection, mental clarity, love, or beauty, this tea spellbook has a carefully crafted recipe for you. The author, Susana Harlow, first started to learn tea witchcraft and lore as a young girl at her grandmother’s side. In this book, she now presents the recipes and magical tea lore she learned and perfected over the years. Here’s just a sampling of the cornucopia of magical recipes, spells, and botanical brews that can be found within:

Celebrating the holidays of the Wheel of the Year

Honoring the phases of the moon.

Aligning with your astrological sign

Using crystals as part of your tea magic

Working with everyday problems and personal aspirations

There is also a section of recipe ingredients and how they correspond with specific energetic qualities & goals.

A Tea Witch's Grimoire: Magickal Recipes for Your Tea Time

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